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Blower Bentley


I have spent nearly 40 years either restoring or

building people's dream cars, and finally 

decided to build my own.

I have always loved the Bentley Blower and so

that was to be my project.

Firstly, I chose practicality over authenticity, so that I would have a car that was enjoyable to drive and easy to live with,

but it also had to suit my pocket

as I didn't have a million pound budget!

For me this meant a 1949 MK6 Bentley chassis & engine etc.

A second-hand ash frame Vanden Plas body,

requiring work and everything else I would make

myself from scratch.

This page details the entire MK6 Special build.

Would you like me to build you your dream car?

Drop me a line...

Bentley at Silverstone
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