Aston Martin DB2

We specialise in classic car metalwork, welding and fabrication. With classic car restoration thriving in the modern world we find more panels are available now than ever before. However, if panels are not available we are able to fabricate new ones. One of the beauties of coach built or hand built cars is that their production numbers were low and mostly each car produced was different to the next. In these cases any panels required have to be re-fabricated to fit that car perfectly. If possible we try to fabricate new sections and restore the original panel. An excellent example of panel preservation is JUE477 the first production

Land Rover which we had the pleasure of straightening the panels on. A preservation restoration it was unveiled at the Concours of Elegance 2020.


We are experienced with both aluminium and steel bodied cars and familiar with the challenges when the two are combined. We offer a full range of services from MOT welding and small repairs through to panel making and complete metalwork restoration.