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Mille Miglia 2020

Mille Miglia 2020.jpg

Mille Miglia "The most beautiful race in the world"

Postponed from May until October, COVID19 wasn't going to stop this Italian tradition from going ahead!

Having won the Alpine cup in 1956, Aston Martin DB2/4 SXU562 had good pedigree and so it was no surprise when following its extensive restoration by us, this Concours winning car was accepted as a 2020 participant.

The logistics of entering this race and preparing in a pandemic were fairly immense but through a team effort we managed to get the car to Brescia ready for the start. 

The 4 day 1000 mile race travels through Cervia, Rome, Parma and back to Brescia, parading a stream of incredible cars through these beautiful Italian cities. Phil and his co-driver Nick had the most fantastic time & experience!

Thanks go to Josh & Jason who prepared  & followed the car and it completed the 1000 miles without incident :) 

Museo Mille Miglia.jpg
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