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Aston Martin Restoration
Aston Martin DB2

This Aston Martin DB2 was a former Alpine Rally winner in 1956 and has now been restored into a stunning show winning car. 

Morgan F type restoration
Morgan F type

This 1934 Morgan F type required total restoration as the body was in a very poor state and had recently been used to house a family of mice!

Derby Bentley restoration
Derby Bentley

A previous white wedding car this Derby Bentley was re-painted and trimmed to regain it's former glory.

A few of the restorations we have completed over the years.

Jaguar E type repaint
Jaguar E type

This series 1 E type was repainted opalescent green with green leather trim, the same spec as the original E type press car.

Mini Cooper restoration
Mini Cooper

This Mini Cooper was re-painted but kept all its original parts & details to maintain its history.

Jaguar E type restoration
Jaguar E type

This series 2 E type was fully restored and included a range of upgrades including, engine, brakes, suspension, power steering, and air-con all fitted in a discreet and subtle way.

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