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Building the dream

I have spent nearly 40 years either restoring or building people's dream cars and finally

decided to build my own. I have always loved the Bentley Blower and so that had to be my project. Firstly, I chose practicality over authenticity so that I would have a car that was enjoyable to drive and easy to live with but it also had to suit my pocket as I didn't have a million pound budget! For me this meant a 1949 MK6 Bentley chassis & engine etc. a second-hand ash frame

Vanden Plas body, requiring work and everything else I made. I found an old MK6 project at a farm auction and set about modifying it to suit. I extended the chassis to fit the Vanden Plan body I had sourced. Although original Blowers are shorter I wanted a luxury back seat to enable me to take friends & family out for the day. This was going to be a car to be enjoyed! 3 years of working evenings and weekends, and hours scouring auto jumbles and sourcing online parts, I have my dream car just about within budget! Check out the build page for photos of the work undertaken in its entirety.

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